2017 British Legal Awards

Embrace - Child Victims Of Crime work with law enforcement agencies and safeguarding professionals in a variety of ways. We forge meaningful partnerships with organisations to deliver help. Our range of emotional, practical, specialist and cheer-up support services make a big difference in brightening young people’s lives after the devastating effects of crime. Whatever is needed to help a child cope with what has happened, recover and move on is what we aim to deliver.

Embrace provides four distinct areas of support for children, young people and family members:

Straightforward practical support has included paying for school uniform after a bullied child was forced to move home and providing music lessons for a withdrawn teenager who’d been assaulted.

We’ve built a network of counsellors and partnered with Relate too, so Embrace can provide specialist support for young people traumatised by crime. We’ve also developed a family focused approach in this area of our work.

Embrace representatives working within dedicated Victims’ Hubs give us the opportunity to reach out directly to families and children affected by crime and tailor our emotional support, advice and guidance to exactly what’s needed.

Sometimes a family break can make all the difference. Theme park days and Disney residential holidays have been shown to substantially help the healing process for children and families affected by serious crime.